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 This genre is sometimes viewed as an art of doing hair instead of composing epic music. That's not completely false. Glam/Sleaze/Hair rock/metal is a lot about looks, visual show and the band's image. Glam metal is still one of my favorite genres and listening to it makes me wish I had long hair. Haha. Nah, I'm fine with short. But my rocker heroes must look like they are doing rock music.

Not to be confused with gay people.

I present some of my choices for you. Pls comment!


Everybody has to recognize this band. Everybody has to recognize their hit song Jump. Van Halen is a definitive 80's rock band when it was all about having fun and rocking in the free world. Year 1979 their self-titled debut album sold well. It featured the guitar solo classic Eruption. Other tracks included for example Running With The Devil, Ain't Talkin' 'Bout Love and You Really Got Me.
They continued releasing albums and 5 years later made another classic - 1984 with songs like Jump, Hot For Teacher and Panama. After this album David Lee Roth called it quits and that's the end of an era. A legendary end with this album.

Van Halen gave the character to countless bands in the 80's and many bands still out there. Eddie Van Halen is an influential and respected guitarist too.

Alright, just wanted to make sure everybody's aware of this. I'll list some less known bands now.


Once internationally very well known Californian glam band, Stryper has been the weirdo of the scene for years. And they're still together recording and touring the world.
 Weird, why? Because they are a gospel band.
Yes, they're christian. They are one of the biggest names of christian rock, ever. Not many of those bands have gained that lot publicity and airtime on MTV.

For me this has been a band I almost hated when I heard it first time, and for many else. Their sound is so unique and personal and it's quite hard to understand why they're so great and have really dedicated fans outside christian circles.. They're like glam rock, but so much heavier. Their frontman Michael Sweet is maybe the best singer in metal genre and I'm not exaggerating. The subjects of their songs are hard to listen for determined atheists so that's why it's a good thing that they released a cover album last month. IT'S REALLY AWESOME. There are some classics featured like Heaven and Hell (Black Sabbath), The Trooper (Iron Maiden), Carry On My Wayward Son (Kansas), Breaking the Law (Judas Priest),  Blackout (Scorpions) and Shout It Out Loud (Kiss). I recommend you to start with this album.

This was the first single off the album:

Their older stuff (songs I want you to listen, lol):

To Hell With The Devil
All For One
Soldiers Under Command
Always There For You

be open minded!

Reckless Love

They came up just recently as they released their self-titled debut album last year. Reckless Love is a four-piece group from Finland that plays exceptionally good rock n’ roll. They call themselves a "Merry metal" band and they are right, they only play good mood music. Their frontman is a former singer of CRASHDÏET.
Reckless Love has gained reputation fast, go check out some serious glam fans on and you'll surely find plenty of plays of this band. But yeah, their debut album is full of hits. One of the best rock music releases last year.
Here's the music video of Romance. Words can't describe.



Some way I feel bad for combining new bands with legends.. lol.


  1. Nice Blog-opening post! Welcome! :D
    I like to listen same kind of music too, especially when i'm SLAYING ALLIANCES :DDDD I'm following you.

  2. Glam rock just isn't my thing :(

  3. I saw Reckless Love live last summer, and it was just awful. :/

  4. I've seen Reckless Love live too, and I loved it. Lol. :D

  5. Never heard of Stryper before. Have to check it out


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