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One of the best bands grunge has given us in my opinion. L7 is typical 90's rock except that they're girls.. but they're no Spice Girls. This is a band that wasn't assembled of model girls. L7 has a wonderful attitude. Well, Spice Girls had some balls too but L7 is better.I just love their punkish style.

This time I embed you a live vid. I wish I was there!

I haven't managed to find a band similar to this. They're really unique. Well, 90's are gone and this type of music isn't popular anymore. I always find great joy to find a modern band that makes old school music... that's why I'm glad that glam metal has started gaining audience again in Sweden. Not related to this however.

 This post had two points: L7 are real rock'n'roll bitches. Stay old school.

Oh yeah, and if you became interested, check out their song Shitlist.




Best known as the guitarist of DOKKEN. He has cited Jimi Hendrix, Jeff Beck and Michael Schenker, along with Eddie Van Halen and Yngwie Malmsteen as being part of his musical influences. Excellent choices in my opinion. But yeah, Dokken is something very underrated. Dream Warriors is my favorite. If you haven't heard, check it.

I continued with Lynch because his style is so much like Michael Schenker's. Both play clean and strong riffs. That's something that separates good rock'n'roll from black metal. Haha.
After all, his solo career is more familiar for me. Now I keep continuing on blogging around Scorpions. Maybe you'll kill me because of what I say now.. but this is better than the original!

The whole "Scorpion Tales" album is quite awesome.



Does the name sound familiar? He's the little brother of Rudolf Schenker, the other guitarist in the band SCORPIONS. Now your bells must have rang. Michael started his career in Scorpions when the band was formed, but he didn't stay too long there. It could have been a mistake because Scorpions became very popular.

Well, his career has been notable anyway. He has composed some rock classics with his well-known band UFO and Michael Schenker Group which I personally dig a lot.

If you think that rocked, check "This Night Is Gonna Last Forever" out, a ballad by Michael Schenker Group. You'll love it.

Another guitar god tomorrow!



Bands develope and change their style. That's completely normal isn't it? Selling out is a common term used in metal scene and for a reason. Heavy metal really isn't very radio friendly and that's why many bands aim higher and for bigger audiences. "Money makes the world go round", that's what I've heard many rappers say.. haha, well, to get dat dough you must attract big masses and now I'm going to write about two bands that changed. SUCCESSFULLY, however.


 Legendary. Everybody recognizes the name of this band whether they hate it or love it or haven't ever even heard about them. They released four real thrash metal classics in the years between 1983 and 1988: Kill 'Em All, Ride The Lightning, Master Of Puppets and ...And Justice For All. Then something happened. They got a new producer, Bob Rock and they wanted to make themselves even more popular after their hit song by accident, One. James Hetfield, the riff guitar and vocals of the band once said that they made long not very radio friendly songs because they thought that this type of music would never get radio plays. They were wrong but still made sure on the next album that they would now record some real hits.

In 1991, Metallica (The Black Album) was released. And it was huge! No more thrash metal which pissed some people off. Enter Sandman & Nothing Else Matters... they hit the jackpot. This album made them the hottest band of that time. It has sold more than 15 million copies in the US which means that every 20th Americano owns this album. Now there was no returning to thrash metal.

Metallica continued by releasing southern rock and more commercial hard rock. They did alright but weren't as big as The Black Album. Their die-hard fans continued criticizing. Then they made a cover album and a live album with San Fransisco Symphony Orchestra.

Their most criticized album St. Anger was released in 2003. And yeah, this album is shit. Heavy metal without guitar solos and with a drum kit that I could assemble in my very own kitchen. It really sounded horrible.

Seems like they sought compromises for a long time without finding solution. Then they finally returned back to thrash in 2008 with the album Death Magnetic. I'm not sure if it's the kind of album they wanted to make but the fans have spoken.
And the album is great.


Quite similar to Metallica's story. Their former lead guitarist Dave Mustaine formed this band after getting kicked from the band and formed Megadeth. They got their record deal, like Metallica and made two thrash metal classics: Peace Sells... But Who's Buying? and Rust in Peace (which is maybe my favorite album of all time!) and even got popular with that. However they wanted more too. They 'sold out' at the same time as Metallica and released Countdown to Extinction in 1992. Megadeth has returned to heavier metal in the last years. They were once accused of creating the whole pop-metal scene. But how can you hate a song like this?? (The album which this song is off has been spitted on, a lot.)

Okay, Metallica completely changed their style but Dave Mustaine's style stayed the same. Both started making more simply songs. Sad but true, simply songs are the most popular ones.
Anyway, Megadeth is maybe my favorite metal band so everything they've done, I see it as perfect.

Is it really so big deal when a band sells out? I think that Metallica, at least, reached their limits and the end of the road with AJFA and it was evitable for them. World doesn't run out of real thrash metal bands guys. And yeah, selling out is what happens when you combine making music with money.



 This genre is sometimes viewed as an art of doing hair instead of composing epic music. That's not completely false. Glam/Sleaze/Hair rock/metal is a lot about looks, visual show and the band's image. Glam metal is still one of my favorite genres and listening to it makes me wish I had long hair. Haha. Nah, I'm fine with short. But my rocker heroes must look like they are doing rock music.

Not to be confused with gay people.

I present some of my choices for you. Pls comment!


Everybody has to recognize this band. Everybody has to recognize their hit song Jump. Van Halen is a definitive 80's rock band when it was all about having fun and rocking in the free world. Year 1979 their self-titled debut album sold well. It featured the guitar solo classic Eruption. Other tracks included for example Running With The Devil, Ain't Talkin' 'Bout Love and You Really Got Me.
They continued releasing albums and 5 years later made another classic - 1984 with songs like Jump, Hot For Teacher and Panama. After this album David Lee Roth called it quits and that's the end of an era. A legendary end with this album.

Van Halen gave the character to countless bands in the 80's and many bands still out there. Eddie Van Halen is an influential and respected guitarist too.

Alright, just wanted to make sure everybody's aware of this. I'll list some less known bands now.


Once internationally very well known Californian glam band, Stryper has been the weirdo of the scene for years. And they're still together recording and touring the world.
 Weird, why? Because they are a gospel band.
Yes, they're christian. They are one of the biggest names of christian rock, ever. Not many of those bands have gained that lot publicity and airtime on MTV.

For me this has been a band I almost hated when I heard it first time, and for many else. Their sound is so unique and personal and it's quite hard to understand why they're so great and have really dedicated fans outside christian circles.. They're like glam rock, but so much heavier. Their frontman Michael Sweet is maybe the best singer in metal genre and I'm not exaggerating. The subjects of their songs are hard to listen for determined atheists so that's why it's a good thing that they released a cover album last month. IT'S REALLY AWESOME. There are some classics featured like Heaven and Hell (Black Sabbath), The Trooper (Iron Maiden), Carry On My Wayward Son (Kansas), Breaking the Law (Judas Priest),  Blackout (Scorpions) and Shout It Out Loud (Kiss). I recommend you to start with this album.

This was the first single off the album:

Their older stuff (songs I want you to listen, lol):

To Hell With The Devil
All For One
Soldiers Under Command
Always There For You

be open minded!

Reckless Love

They came up just recently as they released their self-titled debut album last year. Reckless Love is a four-piece group from Finland that plays exceptionally good rock n’ roll. They call themselves a "Merry metal" band and they are right, they only play good mood music. Their frontman is a former singer of CRASHDÏET.
Reckless Love has gained reputation fast, go check out some serious glam fans on and you'll surely find plenty of plays of this band. But yeah, their debut album is full of hits. One of the best rock music releases last year.
Here's the music video of Romance. Words can't describe.



Some way I feel bad for combining new bands with legends.. lol.